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“My husband and I decided that we wanted to travel more…to see all the great sights that America has to offer. So, we visited our local Camping World to purchase our first trailer, a Minnebago. Of course, we purchased all the recommended accessories, after all, we really didn’t know much about what we needed, or didn’t need. However, on our first trip out, we learned quite a lot.


As we pulled into our first campground, it was obvious the hook-ups had seen better days. Many looked damaged. Fortunately for us, our hook-up looked to be in decent shape. Our neighbors had a different story to tell. A few hours after hooking up their trailer, something went awry.


They experienced some type of electrical shortage or surge that caused several of their electronics to fry. Needless to say, they were not very happy. And, it was obvious to us that there was at least one thing that the gentleman at Camping World forgets to sell us…surge protection.


We did some research and decided that the Surge Guard* Model 34930 would be the right device for us. I am so glad that we got the extra protection. Now our minds are at ease when we hook up at a campground and we can focus on the important things like each other and seeing this beautiful country.”

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Tallapoosa, GA

“Southwire Company has proven itself to be an organization that understands the term Customer Service, knows how to deal with consumer’s problems and implements a policy to ensure that they are properly dealt with.  My rating of the company, its policies, and its personnel are A+.


I experienced an apparent indicator failure of a surge protector during a recent trip and requested assistance via an e-mail to the website posted on the paperwork provided with the hardware.  I received a reply almost instantly from Steve Guarcello. He handled the matter perfectly. 


I had a multimeter in my possession and performed the checks he requested and provided him with test results and my visual observations.  He concluded that the unit was functioning but probably not indicating conditions properly.  It would need to be sent into the lab for testing and, since it was under warranty would be replaced if defective.


As soon as I was home I sent in the unit, it was tested and a new unit was delivered to me in a matter of days.  It was followed quickly by an e-mail from Kerri DeSalvia to ensure that it had arrived, was operating properly and that I was satisfied with the replacement.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Customer Service should function and Southwire does it!  It’s a sad commentary that not many companies understand that or can’t seem to make it happen.   Kudos to all of you.”

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Grimsley, TN

Southwire RV Hardwired Surge Protector Model 35530
Surge Guard Model 34850

“A big thank you for offering such a great product.  We have owned a Coachmen 5er for 2 years and no electrical issues until this season. Three times we’ve had problems at the site pedestal, first question asked from the park attendant is have you checked your plug and power cord.


I decided that I had to purchase a surge protector, one that could identify problems in the pedestal.  I spent a great deal of time looking and the 34850 offered everything.  Simply plug in and wait 128 seconds, power on light comes on if no issues are identified, safe to plug in RV cord.


The LCD screen will show voltage on L1 and L2 along with amp draw, very easy for the park attendant to read. Thermal protection was another feature that I wanted. Every RV owner needs a unit like this one.  Again thanks for offering such a fine product.”

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RV and Surge Guard* 34850 owners

Just a quick note of “thanks” goes out to the Southwire Company team for outstanding customer service.


I had a slight issue with my surge Guard 34950, called Southwire and spoke to Steve Guarcello. Steve quickly diagnosed the issue, issued a Return Authorization Form, and within days I had a new unit in my posession.


Southwire’s commitment to customer service didn’t stop there. I had an older Surge Guard which I hadn’t used for a few years, and sent that unit back for testing “just in case” I ever needed a back up unit while on the road. At the discretion of both Steve Guarcello and Kerri Desalvia, that unit was replaced as well.


Southwire has gone “above and beyond” what I consider to be exemplary customer service. You may hear about how the competition stands behind their product (I have a competitors product as well), but nothing, in my honest opinion compares to the quality and integrity of a Surge Guard.


Thank you, Steve and Kerri! Nobody…and I mean nobody…makes a better product or stands behind it better than Southwire.”

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Surge Guard* 34950 owner

Surge Guard 50A Model 34950
Southwire Surge Guard 44380 Render (closed)

“We had an issue with our RV surge protector. Southwire had us send it in, and a week later it was back and working! Great,polite, and friendly customer service!”


Surge Guard*  owner

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