Voltage Regulators

Southwire Voltage Regulator

30A and 50A Voltage Regulators

  • 10% voltage increase
  • Open neutral tolerant
  • Heavy duty transformer
  • LED status lights indicate:
    • Open neutral
    • Under voltage
    • Over voltage
    • Phase reversal
    • Operating model
  • Continuously monitors line voltage conditions
  • Increases voltage to provide a very stable regulated and reliable source of power to the coach or travel trailer
  • Helps prevent low voltage damage to appliances
  • Fully automatic
  • Optional mounting bracket for inside the RV
  • Boosts incoming voltage as low as 95V
  • Weather resistant enclosure


This device does not protect against faults or surges.

More Information
Model Number - 10176

Rated 120V, 30A
For use on single phase, 2-wire services

Model Number - 10175

Rated 120/240V, 50A
For use on split phase, 3-wire services
Can be used on 120/208V, 3-wire network