Surge Guard RV Over-Voltage Adapter – Model 44300

Surge Guard* RV Over-voltage Adapter – Model 44300

120V, 15A

  • Provides connected equipment with over-voltage and limited surge protection
  • Will turn off power to the connected equipment when a voltage above 140V is detected
  • Over-voltage conditions can occur from an open-neutral in a 50A RV or from switching heavy loads, such as an air-conditioner or washer and dryer, on and off
  • Manual reset after fault. Adapter should be in accessible location to reset.
  • Green LED indicator shows when power is present and surge protection is available
More Information
Rated 120V, 15A
Maximum Watts - 1800
Technical Data:
Over/Under Voltage Protection - >138V
Trip Time - within 25mS
Warranty - Limited Lifetime
Easy Installation - Yes