RV Power Cord Reel – Model RL54

Power Reel RL54331LMK

50Amp RV Power Cord Reels – RL54 Series

  • Reels are hardwired into the coach
  • Spool sides and core are anodized aluminum
  • Side frames powder coated galvanized steel
  • Available with or without 4 foot pigtail that attaches the reel to the transfer switch or junction box
  • Contact us for OEM options
More Information

Low-profile design allows for installation in low
compartments or frame of 5th wheel
Typically used in 5th wheels or coaches with shorter compartments
Easily installs with common hand tools
33 feet of 6/3 8/1 flexible cord
Config Listed
Technical Data
Dimensions: 8.71" W X 11.5" D X 16.5" H
Drive System: 12 VDC chain drive gear motor
Clutched design allows for free-pull extension of cord
Amp Draw - 6-8Amps in normal condition; up to 20Amps in locked rotor condition
Up to 12Amps in locked rotor condition
Motor overload trips at 20Amps depending on duration
Weight: 48 lbs. (Cord reel with 33 feet of 6/3 8/1 cord and 4 foot pigtail)