Limited Lifetime Warranty Surge Guard Protection

Limited Lifetime Warranty

These Surge Guard* Protection Products are Covered

Surge Guard 34830 and Surge Guard 34850
Surge Guard
Model 34830
Model 34850
Surge Guard 34930 and Surge Guard 34950
Surge Guard
Model 34930
Model 34950
Surge Guard 35530 and Surge Guard 35550
Surge Guard
Model 35530
Model 35550
Surge Guard 44260 and Surge Guard 44270
Surge Guard
Model 44260
Model 44270
Surge Guard 44280 and Surge Guard 44290
Surge Guard
Model 44280
Model 44290
Surge Guard 44300
Surge Guard
Model 44300
Surge Guard Model 34830
Surge Guard
Model 44380
Surge Guard Model 34850
Surge Guard
Model 44390

How Does the Limited Lifetime Warranty Work?

Any properly installed device that proves defective in normal use will be repaired or replaced at Southwire’s option provided the procedure as stated below is followed:


  1. Contact Southwire Customer Support at 1-800-780-4324 to obtain a Return Materials Number.
  2. Properly package returned unit.
  3. Display Return Materials Number on outside of box.
  4. Include Proof of Purchase, including date of purchase.
  5. Supply full written description of the problem.
  6. Specify your name, address, and daytime phone number.
  7. Ship unit postage prepaid directly to:


Return Materials Department
Southwire Company, LLC
4525 140th Avenue North, Suite 900
Clearwater, Florida 33762

What Nullifies the Warranty?

The occurrence of any of the following nullifies and voids the warranty:


  1. Any non-authorized modification, repair, or physical damage to the Surge Guard product, accidental or otherwise, not caused by a defect in material or workmanship.
  2. If Southwire determines that the Surge Guard product has been improperly installed (see installation instructions) altered in any way, or tampered with.


The Warranty does not protect against acts of God, such as direct lightning strikes, flood, earthquake and war. It also does not protect against vandalism, theft, normal use wear and tear, erosion, depletion, obsolescence, abuse, or damage due to low voltage disturbances for products without under voltage protection (i.e. brownouts, sags, or power outages), non authorized program or system equipment modification or alteration.

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